The Competency Certification Assessment consists of two parts :

1. The knowledge assessment online test

2. An oral assessment which follows the knowledge text. This may be done face to face or by Skype.The assessement process will be followed by feedback on your strengths and improvement areas


In this part you will appear for the Knowledge test. Instructions for completing this test are given below.

1. The test is multiple choice type and you have five choices for each question.

2. You will have to answer 80 questions in 60 mins

3. The total time for the test is 60 mins. The test will close automatically after 60 mins

4. There is only right one answer to each question.

5. You can go back and check your answers before submitting.

6. The minimum passing percentage is 70 %.


Please check with the supervisor if you have any questions.


Note : At the end of the test and submitting the quiz, you will get a Permission Denied!

This means that you have completed your Quiz.

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